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Tailor Made Your Belize Company

With hkcompanies.com, you get full registration services in company formation or creating your business. Why still looking around to non-professions to register your company. We are FCCA staff.

Going offshore through an International Business Corporation (IBC) allows the owner total control over their assets in the PRIVACY of an offshore center. We are specialised in setting up Bristish Virgin Islands (BVI), Belize and other offshore companies. BELIZE is an independent country located on Caribbean coast of Central America. There is no taxation on business carried out by non-Belize residents outside of Belize through Belize companies. A standard IBC is usually incorporated with an authorised capital of USD 50,000.00.

Tailor-made a Belize company lets you:-
  • No tax on offshore company operating IBC
  • Privacy of Shareholders and Directors names
  • No local Directors, local meetings or annual returns
  • Bearer shares are common
  • May have a single shareholder
  • May register the name in Chinese - Save in the cost of translation
  • Widely accepted in the Mainland
  • Permitted to hold shares in other Belize companies
  • No requirement to hold an AGM
  • No requirement for audited financial statements
  • Chinese Company Name is optional (Add HK$1,000 if required)
TailorMade Prices (HK$)
  • First year Belize Government License fee and Registered Agent fee is included. But mailing & IDD, if applicable, are not included above (Government fee is subject to change as announced)
  • Overseas customers please add HK$600 for Incorporation Speedpost charges & HK$300 for T/T bank charges.
  • For Belize companies with Chinese Name, please add HK$1,000.
  • Above plans include certificate of incorporation (government incorporation fee included), printing of memorandum of articles and association, share certificate, registers of officers and company chop.
  • Formation services include the preparation of documents for the appointment of 1 director & registering 1 shareholder, prepare first meeting etc. If there are more than 1 director/shareholder, we may charge for the extras.
  • Formation minimum requirements:
    The company can have 1 director and 1 shareholder. The shareholder may be bearer. (But some banks may not accept bearer shareholder to open corporate bank account.
  • Annual Fee: HK$4,700 (Subject to change as announced)

We will handle all the procedures on your behalf. For you, it's simple - fill in our "Incorporate Order" and we will follow up and contact you for details.


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