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Web Services - Domain Registration (Manual)

Register a domain for the company is needed as it helps:-
  • maintain corporate presence & identity
  • distribute your product brands
  • as tools for business development
  • for easy communications

We help you to register domains. You may register domain using manual method, just place us a domain order and we will handle it on your behalf.

We may assist in registering .com/.net/.org and .hk domains manually, please fill in the Order Form and we will follow up the Order. If you are familiar with the registration process, you may select our auto-registration system (it will charge your credit card for domain registrations).

For .hk domains, Hong Kong Domain Names Registrations Limited (HKDNR) is requiring the certificate of incorporation or other documents for companies/organisation entity. Please fax us the documents to (852) 2566 3873.

Our price including service fee for registering .com/.net/.org domains is HK$600 for first 2 years., for .com.hk domains is HK$400. The above prices are not including web hosting.


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