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Business Services (Biz) - Guangzhou Representative Office

In order to cope with your changing needs, as from startup business to the business growth, we are providing full range of business services.

China has correspondingly formulated a series of laws, regulations, rules and measures, formed a whole set of more complete system of laws and regulations, and effectively protected the legal rights of domestic and foreign investors. The competitive advantages in resources of cheap labour and land within China grant a sign of business growth.

Foreign investors may setup Representative Office (RO) in the main cities in China for business connection, products introduction, marketing, technology exchange and consulting services. However, direct business activities in RO are not allowed. To facilitate the setting up the RO in Guangzhou, China, we may assist companies to establish the RO in a tidy manner in order that the companies may ease the registration process.

Our aim is to provide and distributed integrated startup and business solutions at best quality and affordable prices.


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