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Business Services (Biz) - Tax Service for Individuals in Hong Kong

In order to cope with your changing needs, as from startup business to the business growth, we are providing full range of business services.

We offer an efficient service to ensure agreement of a company's profits/income tax liability as early as possible; individual taxability as well.  This reduces compliance costs, interest, penalties, and also ensures a company can budget accurately for the payment of its tax liabilities. Furthermore, we also offer technical advice and support in the following areas:

Personal IncomeTax
In the course of preparing your tax return, we will review your income levels and advise the ways to optimise tax savings by use of available tax reliefs and allowances.

Personal Assessment
We may review your tax positions, especially for individuals and un-incorporated businesses, so as to fully utilise the available relief by combining the application of personal assessment, joint assessment or separate assessment

Frequent Asked Questions
  • Can I shift income to my spouse to use their allowances?
  • Are my tax position the best?
  • How can I use "hold-over" relief?
  • Is there any tax planning for me, say, make gifts to my family?
  • Can I reduce taxability by using benefits in kind?
Our aim is to provide and distributed integrated startup and business solutions at best quality and affordable prices.


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